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Go On revolutionizes personnel services with Artificial Intelligence

Go On, a Finnish corporate chain providing personnel services, decided to implement the AI application twoday AI Agent in its various operations. The need to streamline processes such as communication between different stakeholders, internal information retrieval and marketing, drove the deployment of the AI Agent.
Sep 19, 2023 10:25:16 AM twoday AI Works

Go On aims to provide better service to its staff and customers and to streamline its internal operations with AI Agent. Another reason for implementing AI Agent is Go On's desire to stay at the forefront of development and new technologies.

"By being a few steps ahead of our competitors in certain areas, we can offer customers a much wider range of solutions. This kind of pioneering is important to us," says Nina Argillander, Marketing Manager at Go On.

With twoday AI Agent, Go On can automate its manual processes and free up its staff for more meaningful tasks. In addition, automating customer service enables faster and better service for employees, job seekers, customers and Go On's staff.

AI Agent helps to retrieve information quickly

Go On is very pleased with the capabilities of AI Agent and the progress of its deployment. The service helps them find the information they need quickly and easily, improving internal communication and decision-making.

Go On's employees, job seekers and client companies have a high demand for information on a variety of topics. Instead of staff spending their time on the phone answering questions from different directions, they want to use AI Agent to direct questions to WhatsApp. This will free up more staff time for other work. At the same time, better service can be provided, as the answers to questions are delivered instantly by the AI Agent, rather than having to wait for customer service to answer.

The AI Agent will also revolutionize internal information retrieval and routine tasks, for example in payroll, by teaching the content of various internal databases to the AI Agent. This way, time is not wasted searching for information, but the information can be found quickly and is guaranteed to be correct and up-to-date.

AI Agent will also be used as a tool for marketing, HR and research, for example, to write job applications or, in the research business, to analyse results and compile research data into reports. In marketing, AI Agent is expected to support content creation and help staff with creative solutions.

Go On is now testing the AI Agent and has already found that it can answer customer questions quickly and accurately. This will reduce the burden on customer-facing staff and also make it easier to support internal operations. Go On is excited to be able to use AI Agent for a variety of purposes and to be able to easily integrate the service into their existing systems.

Strong collaboration for the best possible AI solution

twoday AI Works was chosen as Go On's solution provider because the AI solutions we offer are presented in plain language and down to earth manner.

"It impressed me that even when we talk about new and amazing AI, we talk in a simple language that is easy to understand. It makes it easier to ask questions and discuss the solution, and also to make your own suggestions," says Joni Lius, Development Director at Go On.

"We have agreed to work with twoday and improve this solution together. I think it's genuine that both companies believe that we will become better by doing things together. I feel that at twoday they are genuinely thinking all the time about what we need and what we think about things, and not just offering a ready-made solution with a take-it-or-leave-it mentality, " Lius continues.

The project has progressed at a surprisingly fast pace and results are expected as early as this autumn, when the AI Agent will be fully available to all Go On employees.



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