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twoday AI Agent - have a greater​ effect on work than the computer did

Fragmented and unvalidated data is the biggest nightmare for organizations and their employees - it causes inefficiency​ and leads to a bad customer experience. With the help of twoday AI Agent, you don't have to be afraid of these kind of nightmares. 

How can we help you to achieve a great FLOW?

We wake up every morning to build a smoother life for the companies and their employees and customers. We help people to focus on value-added driven work by letting automation take care of routines.


A comprehensive solution when you want your everyday life to be smooth

FLOW is a complete solution for making your business run smoother, and creating happier employees and customers. The best user experience delivered by hyperautomation and an advanced customer service platform – all fully integrated and fast to deploy. The FLOW-service has three main groups:

WhatsApp Assistant - faster communication

Would you like to start serving your customers with WhatsApp? Deployment will take days - not weeks or months. WhatsApp is a personal, easy and reliable channel that is already in your customers pocket. Read more about WhatsApp Assistant -service and customers tell / reference stories.