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Visma Tampuuri Measures Customer Experience In Real Time

The twoday Flow CX360 is a complete platform for measuring and developing customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.
Sep 10, 2020 10:33:00 AM Tomi Korpaeus

The twoday Flow CX360 is a complete platform for measuring and developing customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. In Visma Tampuuri’s case it serves as an automated tool that offers a real-time analysis on the quality of customer service and experience from the tenants’ perspective.

With the CX360 customer experience platform, landlords can collect feedback automatically from tenants as they move in and out, and whenever they leave service requests or fault reports.

CX360 also enables easy customer satisfaction surveys to tenants. Feedback is automatically saved on a cloud-based visual dashboard, which provides an intuitive, data-based view of the service chain’s performance and guidance for corrective measures.

Mikko Hyvärinen, Director, Product Management, from Visma Tampuuri says that l andlords showed clear interest in the service even before it was launched:

”We collect feedback from tenants in real time to help landlords and real estate management spot the weakest and strongest links in the service chain."

Working on weaknesses allows landlords and property management to improve tenant satisfaction, enhance tenant retention and boost profitability of the property.

All Tampuuri users can download the tool directly as an additional service.

CX 360 Helps To See The Tenant's Perspective

Including a tool for measuring tenant experience as an extension to the existing process, allows Visma Tampuuri to send feedback questionnaires to tenants at the right time, as soon as their fault reports have been actioned.

Once the data has been saved on the dashboard, you can use a wide range of options for filtering and sorting the data based on multiple criteria, such as property, service provider and fault type.

How It Works:

  1. A tenant leaves a fault report via Visma Tampuuri's tenant pages.
  2. When the maintenance company logs the job as done, the tenant receives a satisfaction questionnaire by email or SMS.
  3. The tenant answers the questionnaire, providing valuable information on how things went and how the service could be improved. 

When tenants move in or out, they receive a questionnaire on how the move went. 

Feedback is crucial in improving customer experience as Tuukka Heinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management at twoday AI Works, explains:

“Direct feedback from tenants brings a new dimension to developing tenant service and property management. More often than not, we view matters through the company lenses and review processes or services from the inside when, in fact, we should flip the perspective and find out how the tenants see things."

CX 360 NPS Dashboards

Feedback from tenants enriches the “hard data” available in Visma Tampuuri, enabling "a tenant's eye view" of the service chain’s performance. 

By integrating different data into dashboards, it's easy to gain insight into:

  • What kinds of issues result in a particular customer experience
  • What really matters to tenants
  • What type of major development projects should be put in motion
  • Which small improvements need to take place immediately

The overall aim is to improve the tenant experience, tenant retention and the profitability of the property.

Visma Tampuuri: Customer Comments

Benefits Of Better Tenant Experience

Tenant experience is based on the overall performance of the entire service chain, which involves questions like:

  • How quickly are fault reports handled?
  • How professional, skilled and service-minded is the maintenance staff?
  • Is negative feedback recurring for a specific party or fault type?

Feedback quickly shows how the service chain and various parties operate, making it easy to fix whatever is not working and improve both internal and partner operations.

You can't change the location of your property, but you can make it more attractive by improving the tenant experience.

Offering people a chance to participate and voice their opinions via questionnaires is an excellent way to engage tenants in developing their living environment, which is important for most people. After all, home is usually the #1 place in the world and the more opportunities to influence what it's like to live there... 

  • The longer tenants will stay in the property.
  • The better care tenants will take of their surroundings.
  • The more tenants want to help and actively involved.
  • The more attractive the owner and the property are for new tenants.
  • The more money, time and trouble saved.
  • The better the profitability of the property is. 

“Nowadays, people can browse through options and make choices more quickly and easily than ever before. That's why continuous and active feedback is critical – one of the most effective tools for ensuring that your property remains attractive to tenants.” Tuukka Heinonen, Head of Customer Experience Management, twoday AI Works


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